As per the warning, in the event that you fall into the watery area below

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Be careful to drop down slowly until you reach the end of the room and you'll see a Golden Rune [2]. Start walking down the path, careful not to elden ring weapons get overwhelmed by the raccoons wandering about, which includes a massive Large Rat who can drop the Rune Arc. Past the rats on the left is Poisonbloom 3x, and on the opposite end of the wall, there is a Scarab that you could kill to use the ability Rancorcall.

As per the warning, in the event that you fall into the watery area below, you'll cause a mini-boss to appear that could be too strong and dangerous for your needs at this time. It's a huge serpent with huge sweeping attacks and strong magic. With a 100 physical block shield, and a bit of determination, it is very feasible. The enemy broadcasts its attacks in a very clear manner, so keep track of your endurance and be prepared to block or avoid roll whenever you notice it begin to strike. You want to stand somewhere around the stomach to avoid its forward smashing attacks and also to get hit safe. If it spins about and launches at you with its mouth wide open, you need to be ready to defend yourself or else you could get caught in its mouth and inflict huge damages. If the creature glows gold it's about to enter its second phase with a magic explosion that is why it's important to back off to stay clear of the damage it causes.

If you manage to defeat the spirit you will be rewarded with a golden Seed and other loot which includes the Stonesword Key, Throwing Dagger with x8, and Smoldering Butterflies 3. Keep walking up the pathway to find a massive skull as well as an additional item, The Prince of Death's Psule. From here you'll find a ladder that can take one back down to buy Elden Ring Items the eating hall area. With that done, you are now officially boss time. Transfer over to this Secluded Cell Site of Grace and prepare.